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Website Coach

Whether you are starting a new site from scratch or improving one that you have, we can help you with just about any aspect whether it be design, content, functionality or hosting.

Our service is dedicated to your questions on a one on one basis. We will either have a direct answer or opinion or refer you to an authoritative source.

I know you likely have done basic research. You have found excellent books and wonderful online resources. You have probably also asked a few associates who have chosen similar paths for their advice. But there are likely some gaps that have not been filled. There are missing pieces of information and you are not easily finding answers on the web. Your friends have told you some unbelieveable stories they have encountered. However, they don't really know what to tell you so you can avoid the same problems because they still aren't sure what really happened. Simply said you are haveing trouble connecting the dots.

Your Website Coach can give you the lowdown on what you need to get started and tailor information specifically for your needs. Not sure what type of host you need? Don't know what you must have in your website? Can't quite get a grip on all the web terminology?  Your Website Coach can help you every step of the way.

After you have subscribed to this service below, we will be available to you on a real time basis, never allowing more than a few hours to pass before you receive our reply. We will be able to communicate via phone, email, Skype or Skype chat.

Your payment entitles you to up to 2 hours of our time within a 30 day period.

Stop wasting time chasing possible answers when we can get you there a lot quicker.

*** One-Time Cost of $90***

 *** If you would like to pay by check, please contact us***
 *** Your one month consultation period will begin 24 hours after payment is received. You will also receive a confirmation email at this time ***

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